Hello, I’m Tiffany. A 22 year-old girl that hails from Melbourne, Australia. As you can see from the picture above, I’m a recent graduate from a Bachelor of Science majoring in infection and immunity. That may sound like gibberish to you, and it does to me as well because I think I spent loads of money for a piece of paper and are none the wiser. This is one of the many reasons I believe I’m still 5 years-old. As much as I love science, I chose the one degree which gets you nowhere in life, so I’m currently in the middle of attempting to get my life together and do a Master’s degree. (Honestly just so I can get the fancy hat this time. Not gonna lie.)

I’m half Chinese, half Australian. Cue the gasps. Yes, I’m serious. I may not look it in the slightest, but when I was a newborn still in the hospital everyone thought that my white Aussie Mum was stealing a baby because I lookedΒ thatΒ Asian. Now I get the funny looks when walking down the street with my Chinese Dad. Oh how times change.

I’m a big fan of reading (yes, how nerdy of me) music and beauty, as well as the occasional photography venture.