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This or That Beauty Tag

Hey Pals!

Long time no see! It’s been a good couple of weeks since I’ve even gone anywhere near this site to even just read other’s posts, let alone post one of my own. We’re low on managers at work so I’ve gone up to literal full time hours these past couple of weeks, so my spare time is spent just lazing about, sleeping and drinking coffee.

To break my drought, I thought I’d do a quick little tag! I think this was originally inspired by NikkieTutorials’ video possibly, but I could be wrong. Without further ado, here goes!


Blush or bronzer [I’m not much for either, but blush scares me less haha]

Lip gloss or lipstick

Eyeliner or mascara [eyeliner is terrifying, and mascara just weighs down my asian straight eyelashes again. But I do occasionally use it anyway.]

Foundation or concealer  [I’ve genuinely only worn foundation once in my life – to my high school formal. That is it.]

Neutral or coloured eye shadow

Pressed or loose eye shadows

Brushes or sponges


OPI or china glaze [I’ve never actually used either….]

Long or short

Acrylic or natural [acrylic aftermath does not look pretty.]

Bright or dark [both honestly, depends on my mood. Current mood is dark, despite having bare nails because I’m lazy and too busy with work.]


Perfume or body splash

Lotion or body butter

Body wash or soap

Lush or other bath company [I have to confess that I don’t really pay attention to Lush or anything else. Oops.]


Jeans or sweat pants

Long sleeve or short sleeve

Dresses or skirts

Stripes or plaid

Thongs [flip flops! Get your minds out of the gutter!] or sandals

Scarves or hats

Studs or dangly earrings [cute funky lil studs have been my go to recently!]

Necklaces or bracelets [I’ve worn one single jade necklace since I was a baby and have  never taken it off for anything, so when it comes to accessorising, another necklace is out of the question for me!]

Heels or flats [heels for parties only. That is it.]

Jacket or hoodie [I live in my denim and leather jackets. L I V E.]


Curly or straight [I’m half Asian. Did you really expect anything else?}]

Bun or ponytail [I hate it when my hair goes all kinky, and that’s exactly what a bun does to it.]

Bobby pins or butterfly clips

Hairspray or gel [neither!]

Long or short

Up or down [I used to wear it down 24/7 and then I lifeguarded one single summer and now everyone does a double take when it’s out of my usual high pony.]


And there are all my answers! I hope you found this interesting and found out a little more about me. If you do this tag too, let me know and I’ll check it out!!

Peace, love and rainbow dreams,



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