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Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Enzyme Mask

Hey there!

I am back with another mask review! In contrast to my last first impression mask review, this mask I have had for a couple of years and am still using it on the regs. Mine is so battered and well used that I didn’t even try for a product shot of my own one and got one from the interwebs instead.

One amazing thing about Palmer’s is that it doesn’t test on animals! There’s major points for this mask already! As for the actual mask itself, Palmer’s claims ‘this cooling clay mask uses Natural Kaolin Clay which lifts out impurities in minutes to deeply purify and cleanse the skin. Skin smoothing Papaya Enzyme gently exfoliates resulting in velvety soft skin.’


This picture is after I’d let it dry down for a couple of minutes. From my very rough application, you can see just how thick the product is when it comes out of the tube. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for a flawless mask in the slightest. When it ‘dries down’ it doesn’t by any means dry down into a tightening mask that you cannot move your face at all. It just dries down enough so it isn’t ‘wet’ to the touch – you can do all the smiling, laughing and frowning you want in this mask without it moving an inch.

For me, this mask is one of my go-to products when my skin is looking a little worse for wear. When my skin is on the down side, I personally struggle with some form of hyper pigmentation all around my mouth. If I’m lacking on my skin care routine, this is one of the first things that show up, and it’s a massive blow to my self esteem. This mask mostly rectifies this with just one single use. I used it last night for these reasons, and upon washing it off, my skin was about 5 shades lighter – quite literally. This mask is god sent for those of us that need something brightening in their skin care routine. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough!

If you have very dry skin, this most likely isn’t the mask for you because it is a matte finish when you’re done. Β However, this is not drying, as weird as that sounds. Yes, it mattifies skin, but yes it does leave your skin moisturised as well. (Go and try it for yourself and then you’ll see what I mean haha.) I do use toner and moisturiser afterwards every time I use it out of habit because I do this for every mask, cleanser and exfoliator I use on my skin. If you have oily skin, this mask would be very ideal for you so definitely give it a go!

The scent of this mask is quite pleasant, which was very unexpected due to it being a thick clay mask. It is very reasonably priced as well, and there is an insane amount of usage in the 120g tube. I’ve used it religiously for years and I’m only half way through my first tube! I also a huge fan of the cleanser in this range too, so let me know if you want a review on that one too!

Rating: 11/10. (yep, its that good.)

Peace, love and rainbow dreams,



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