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First Impressions Review: L’Oreal Pure Clay – Detox & Brightening Charcoal Mask

I’d been eyeing off this face mask for weeks before I finally splurged and purchased it. At $20 AUD, it’s quite a bit of money for something that may not even work at all. I’m big on my skincare, so I knew if I liked it, I’d be using it religiously and definitely get my moneys worth.

When I got around to finally using it, I was super excited. Probably way too excited for something such as skincare, but I’ve only ever found one decent face mask. (And it doesn’t dry down, so that was definitely the part I was the most excited for – oops!) When I opened it up, I was already very impressed. They spared no expenses on packaging and wow did it pay off! Even just the box was really nice, let alone the glass jar and thick plastic lid to it as well as the rigid plastic covering after you took off the lid to keep the charcoal mask contained.


There’s only 50mls in the jar, but I can already tell I’ll be using this same jar in about two or three years time – and I’ll certainly still be getting my 2-3 times a week in! For one entire face mask, I only used about 4/5 of the little bit of product that stuck from the full jar onto the hard plastic slip covering it. Yes, I’m 100% serious. I was impressed. In addition to this, it dries extremely quickly. (which was fun because that meant that inner child me got to spend most of the 10-15 mins of the mask being on playing with moving my face.) The following photo was taken immediately after I applied the mask to my entire face.


Talk about quick drying! (yep, I got a bit on my lip despite the warnings to keep it away from eyes and lips. If you were wondering, I’m still alive with my lips full intact.) I am aware that I seem to have put significantly less than most people have, but this is just the way I used it. To me, I didn’t need any more than a very thin layer to get results.

L’Oreal claims that ‘with the unique magnetic properties of Charcoal, this formula deeply detoxifies and brightens skin’. I take good regular care of my skin so I’m almost embarrassed to show you what it looks like after the 15 minutes.


Look at all those impurities all over my T zone, oh my gosh. I did not realise that my skin had this much impurities honestly, but my skin hadn’t really been feeling itself before I used this mask so that could definitely contributed. The mask melts away super easily when washing your face with warm water after the 15 minutes they recommend you to leave it on – I was very impressed with this as I assumed it’d be quite stubborn!

There’s three different clays in this mask: Kaolin absorbs impurities and excess oil, Montmorillonite reduces imperfections by purifying and re-balancing the skin while Ghassoul absorbs impurities and oils while leaving the skin smooth, fresh and radiant. That list is a lot of claims and definitely puts this mask range up on a pedestal. But they’re not being cocky about it because the mask lives up to every single one of these claims. Yep, every single one. And this was just off of the first use.

My skin was 100% brighter and looked and felt a million times cleaner. It also claims that skin will be smoother and skin tone will be more even, and it even lived up to these claims. I felt on top of the world. As mentioned earlier, my skin hadn’t really been feelin’ itself lately and gifted me with a few pimples and wasn’t that great overall. As a result, I’d been making sure that I put concealer on every time I left the house when I don’t usually bother if I don’t feel like it. I had work the night of the day I used this mask and guess what? I didn’t need to put concealer on at all because my skin was almost perfect. Cheers L’Oreal!

Rating: 10/10.

Let me know if you want an updated review of when I’ve used it for a while!

Peace, love and rainbow dreams,



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