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Hello my loves!

Two of my great loves are reading and music, and what better way to combine them than with a book tag of my favourite band?! All Time Low was the first band of the scene that I fell in love with. They were the segue that helped me transition from a pop sounding music taste to bands like The Amity Affliction with a much harder sound that I used to cringe at as a kid and immediately turn off. Oh how naive I was. The first song I heard was ‘Somewhere in Neverland’ and I immediately fell in love. Yes, I was a late bloomer with my love for ATL, but hey – I got there in the end. (I’m lucky enough to be going to see them in 13 short days for the second time. Eeeee!! )

I’ve borrowed this book tag from my fellow book and music loving pal Febry who found and added to the original one. (Cheers Feb!)

Time Bomb: A book that broke your heart.

Image result for the outsiders book cover by s.e hinton

‘The Outsiders’ was amazingly a book that was for English class in year 9. All the other books I was given weren’t anything special to say the least, but this is the one book that has stayed with me all these years. I remember one of my classmates walking in one day and saying ‘woah, that book was actually so so good. I finished it last night.’ and he was the one guy you could rely on to be the class clown and copy someone else’s work word for word and do no work whatsoever. He finished this book, and if that’s not saying something about the quality of this book I don’t know what will.

This book is about the Greasers vs the rival group in their town. The Greasers are a bunch of young guys that range from young teenage to early 20’s. It’s a book about the extraordinary struggles these guys go through and the people they lose along the way. It’s about how much simply growing up in those days can effect you and just how important friends and family are. S. E. Hinton perfectly depicts the sheer heartbreak of simply being these kids, and just how hard their life is. It makes you compare your life to them and want to bring them in; nurture them and take them away from the inevitable life that they lead. This book will break your heart over and over again, I guarantee you.

Image result for stay gold ponyboy

Somewhere in Neverland: A fictional place you want to visit.

Image result for hogwarts

I mean, how could I not choose Hogwarts. If you know me, you know I’m a ginormous Harry Potter fan and can probably tell you the most obscure facts without even blinking an eye.

I mean, Hogwarts means feasts in the great hall, being pals with Hagrid, Hogsmeade trips to Honeydukes and The Three Broomsticks. What more could you possibly want in life?! Hogwarts being in the U.K. and magic also mean easy Europe holiday trips. Life would be sweeeet.

I Feel Like Dancing: A book that made you dance for joy.

Image result for the chronicles of narnia book

The Chronicles of Narnia is the ultimate feel good series that just makes me so happy. As a kid, being able to be lost in such a glorious world every single time you opened the book just took my breath away and made me smile and dance with every turn of the page. What an absolute literary genius C. S. Lewis was.

For Baltimore: A saga you would have liked to not say goodbye to.

Image result for harry potter bye gif

If you hadn’t already guessed by my previous Hogwarts answer, I could live in the Harry Potter universe for all eternity and be quite content. To be perfectly honest though, I refuse to believe that the ‘Nineteen years later’ epilogue exists – 90% because it’s so utterly bad (I mean, they’re still enemies with Draco, really?! And Albus Severus – what the hell is that?!) and 10% because that means that I can make up my own nineteen years. (And I like to think I can do a much better job than that poor excuse for an epilogue.)

My Paradise: A cover you consider exotic.

Image result for the star touched queen

This is the book that I’m just about to start, and I’m going to be honest – despite everyone preaching to not judge a book by it’s cover, 50% of the reason behind me purchasing this book was because of the cover. I mean, just look at it!

Kids in the Dark: Your favourite protagonist(s).

Image result for the storyteller jodi picoult cover

This choice isn’t your likely typical choice at all. This female lead isn’t my favourite protagonist because she’s perfect and magical and my ideal of the perfect woman. I chose Sage because she’s far from perfect.  Sage Singer is a reclusive baker in a relationship with a married man because it means she can still live in the shadows. She befriends an old man who asks a favour of her. Through the book, Sage battles with her conscience and her core beliefs. She’s a great protagonist to me because she’s just human. The way she deals with things and goes through life just screams human to me. Picoult didn’t try to make her the ultimate feminist hero that leads a life that is beyond this world. She’s just a woman that could be any one of us, through and through to the very end.

Remembering Sunday: A sad love story.

Image result for p.s i love you book

P. S. I Love You is an odd one that begins with the tragedy rather than having it at the very end and leaving the reader devastated. I chose this novel for my ultimate sad love story because it shows that even though the love of your life may no longer be there for you one day, moving on is possible eventually. You can tell all throughout the novel just how much Holly and Gerry loved each other. I mean, to do something as enormous as Gerry did for Holly you’d have to be madly in love. To me, the saddest part of this book was imagining what the prequel book would have been like and what their life was like before he passed away, and what it would have been like for the two of them if he never died.

Dancing With A Wolf: Your favourite villain.

Image result for moriarty miss me gif

Okay I must admit, despite being an avid fan of the Sherlock BBC series, I’ve never read the original books. Yes, you can all shame me for it – I mean, I’ve been meaning to for ages and still haven’t done it yet. Oops.

Moriarty is the ultimate villain to me because he’s so damn smart. I sound like the ultimate sapiosexual, but I will never be able to comprehend just how smart this man is. It blows my mind. I stopped trying to fully understand just how complex each little minute thing he does because it’s simply not possible. I mean, if you’re going to be the bad guy, at least do it like Moriarty.


Peace, love and rainbow dreams,



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  1. MORIATY, YESSS!!!! Why I didn’t think of him when I did the book tag, I don’t know. I supposed it was because that’s when I was binging The Musketeers… Also, thanks for the shoutout!

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